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Yuck Fale!

Well, here i am sitting with my recently acquired laptop in the 1369 Coffee House in Inman Square, procrastinating on my report that was suppose to be emailed to my supervisor yesterday. (Sigh.) It didn't take long for me to return to my Harvard work ethic! (In other words, get a week of work done in two hours, a day after it was due.)

My long awaited return to the crimson stained shadows of Cambridge has been pretty low key thus far... but the ghosts of Harvard past and Berkeley present will be arriving by chariot and phoenix this evening. But it wouldn't be my story without drama, chaos, and all that ensues. I will be honest, having two worlds collide in the same location that already contains so many demons would make any girl nervous... so I am not surprised that my stomach is predicting that tomorrow will be a day talked about for years to come. But i guess that is why i spent the $350 in plane tickets and shaved my legs!

I spent yesterday afternoon literally wearing a hole in my boots by walking through my shadowed past. I realized for the first time how narrow sighted I was, and I will have to say narrow minded, during my days of walking through the yard. It was hard dealing with variety of emotions and palimpset of memories that this set of buildings and streets contain. If only I knew what I know now, I would have done things so much differently and taken advantage of the harvard experience more. But as Glen said last night, it's easy to look back and say how you wish you appreciated what you lost. It is more important to not repeat the same mistakes twice... so with that thought in mind I plan on taking full  advantage of the "networking" tomorrow's tailgating will provide (with or without the Berkeley audience.) It is my opinion that it is about time that my current friends meet the snobby, risk-taking, crazed, manipulative bitch of my harvard past. And what a better place to do it but with my trouble making cohorts in attendance.

Well, I should run to burdick's before the ghosts arrive so that I can pick up nancy's chocolate order. On tonight's menu is candelstick bowling at Sacco’s Bowl Haven, near my old haunt on powderbox ave. followed with some bar hopping in central. Then tomorrow's fun starts with picking Bea up at Out Of Town News at 9am... and after that only god knows!

So if I don't get a chance to update until after saturday, go Harvard and Yuck Fail!


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